CL4FIRE One Stop
Single Layer Grease Duct System
Listed System: F405-1-4


The CL4FIRE Single Layer Grease Duct System is designed to minimize installation times and maximize safety. Using our new flange feature, up to ½ of the insulation thickness can be slit to allow insertion of the ductwork flanges into the CL4FIRE material.

The product is designed to be installed using one of the following systems:

CL4FIRE Banded on both sides of a circumferential joint and maximum 12” apart along the ductwork along with pinning on both sides of the longitudinal seam midway between the bands. See the CL4FIRE listing to view pinning additional requirements when the duct exceeds 24” in width.
CL4FIRE Using our pinning only system when pin gun access to all sides of the ductwork is available
CL4FIRE When spaces are too tight for conventional installations, you can incorporate one of the CL4FIRE 2 or 3-sided systems.

By paying close attention to the listing installation details such as threaded rod sizes, hanger support dimensions and spacing between supports you can easily achieve a professional installation for up to a 2-hour external fire rating.

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