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CL4FIRE Fire Protection Ductwrap Systems are application tested and installed under building code requirements to restrict the spread of fire from ductwork to other locations in commercial buildings and also to provide a fire-rating for protecting the ductwork air from high temperature, fire and smoke contamination.

CL4 Inc. is a company with a simple plan - Produce fire safety products and systems that offer better value over any other fire protection solution. This value starts at the engineer who is looking for life safety systems that also save space over alternative solutions at a reasonable cost. The value extends to the installation contractor who needs a solution that is safe for installers, and requires less material and space over competitive systems. However, the best value is for the people who occupy the facility and require building code solutions that offer real life safety value to inhabitants.

CL4FIRE is also listed to ASTM E2336 Standard Test Methods for Fire Resistive Grease Duct Enclosure Systems